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Model: Concrete Bricks (per brick)
Concrete bricks are manufactured using concrete with ingredients as cement, sand, coarse aggregates and water. These bricks are manufactured in sizes as required. Properties;·         They have a high tensile strength.·     &..
Ex Tax:Ksh3,700
Brand: Plascon Model: Plascon Anti Mosquito Paint
Plascon Anti-Mosquito paint is an advanced acrylic emulsion paint. The mosquitoes that land on surfaces painted with Plascon Anti-Mosquito paint lose their ability to move and fall off the surface. It’s a "knock down" paint...
Ex Tax:Ksh70,000
Brand: Plascon Model: PLASCON
Plascon Budget Emulsion is an ALL PURPOSE ECONOMIC, PVA based Emulsion Paint for use on all drywalls such as cement, new and old plaster, concrete, bricks, hard and soft boards, and previously painted walls...
Ex Tax:Ksh20,000
Model: Burnt clay bricks (per brick)
Burnt Clay bricks are good quality bricks, molded by table-molding and burnt in large kilns. They contain standard shape, sharp edges and smooth surfaces. Properties;·         They are durable.·         Th..
Ex Tax:Ksh410
Model: Per Block
Brick fabricated from a mixture of cement and sand; molded under pressure and cured thereafter. Properties;·         Has straight edges.·         It has enough strength.·      ..
Ex Tax:Ksh3,400
Model: Circuit Breaker
A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by excess current from an overload or short circuit. Its basic function is to interrupt current flow after a fault is detected...
Ex Tax:Ksh12,000
Model: Concrete Block (per block)
 A concrete masonry unit (CMU) or concrete block is a standard size rectangular block used in building / construction.Price is per piece.Hollow blocks.(19.7Kg)Solid blocks.(14.6Kg)Properties;·         They have adequate strength.·   &n..
Ex Tax:Ksh3,200
Model: Engineering Bricks (per brick)
Engineering bricks have high compressive strength and are used for special applications. Properties;·         They have adequate strength.·         They provide frost resistance.·    &n..
Ex Tax:Ksh4,000
Model: Face Bricks (per brick)
The brick used in the face of a wall, especially for facing purposes by selecting clays to produce the desired color or by special surface treatment. Prices are per square meter. Properties;·         They have a pleasant appearance.·  ..
Ex Tax:Ksh5,000
Brand: Lafarge Model: Hima
50+ bags are sold at a discount with a 48 hour delivery time This is a Portland Pozzolana Cement with wide applications from domestic concrete to large building projects.  Structural ApplicationsReinforced Concrete1. Suspended slabs2. Beams, Bases and Columns3. Water retaining structu..
Ex Tax:Ksh28,000
Model: Hollow Bricks (per brick)
A hollow masonry brick is one whose net cross-sectional area in every plane parallel to the bearing surface is not less than 60% of its gross cross-sectional area measured in the same plane. These ones, exist in all the three forms;Ø  Clay bricks.Ø  Cement bricks ( Cement-Sand br..
Ex Tax:Ksh2,800
Model: Uganda Clays maxpan (per block)
Uganda Clays maxpan..
Ex Tax:Ksh3,750
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