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07 Jul Versatile iron sheets: A great alternative to roofing tiles.
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Designed like roofing tiles, the versatile iron sheets have paved way for new home-builders to have that tile-look for their houses, without spending a lot of money.The iron sheets have a unique design and cover a bigger space compared to tiles and provide a distinctive beauty that no one will resist. They also save on timber.Their cost is lower th..
07 Jul Is a Phased Construction Project Ideal for You?
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Breaking up your remodel or custom home project has benefits and disadvantages. See if it’s right for youSquaring a project’s goals and budget — often two very different things — is a common problem architects and homeowners confront in a project’s earliest planning stages. The two almost never align when we begin. Working to reduce the size of the..
07 Jul 9 Questions To Ask your first time Contractor?
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Save time and effort by ruling out deal breakers with your contractor before an in-person sessionYour time is valuable, so before setting up an in-person meeting with a remodeling / constructor pro, be sure they could be a good fit for your project. Here are nine key questions to ask.1. Am I in an area where you work?Some contractors work across a ..
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