Empowering Innovation

In a standout moment at the 5th FITSPA Annual FINTECH conference 2023, held on 12th & 13th October and themed “Leveraging Digital Infrastructure for Innovation & Inclusivity,” Wena emerged as the triumphant winner of the Women FITSPA pitch competition. This competition provided a platform for female entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas and win a cash prize to launch or enhance their solutions. Contestants were evaluated on various criteria, including addressing a clear problem or gap with their digital solution, showcasing a compelling case, demonstrating market potential, describing technology and innovative features, defining the go-to-market strategy, providing financial overviews, highlighting team composition, and sharing sustainability plans.

Out of the pool of talented finalists, Recycle Pay secured third place, followed by Mpampe in second place. Wena’s groundbreaking construction app clinched the coveted first place, outshining the competition. The Wena app stands as an end-to-end construction solution, digitizing all activities across the construction chain. Its remarkable features include a secure “Save to Build” wallet, a retail and wholesale e-commerce platform, a hub for professionals, a materials calculator for precise Bill of Quantities (BOQs) generation, a vibrant community of peers and experts, and a convenient store locator.

Wena’s victory not only signifies innovation and excellence but also highlights the app’s potential to transform the construction industry with its comprehensive digital approach. This achievement at the FITSPA conference marks a significant milestone, emphasizing Wena’s commitment to revolutionizing construction practices through cutting-edge technology.